Despite all the vile rumours this is not an anti-police song. I realise as much as anyone else that all countries need a police force. Without police there would be anarchy. However, forgetting the problems of other countries, Britain needs an anti corrupt police force, and this is simply my anti-corrupt police force song. It is not aimed at the many good and honest hard working policemen who genuinely try to help the public.


I think about the Guildford Five, though only four of them survived,

Lucky just to be alive,

They wished that they weren't born.

You put 'em down and you didn't care, for eighteen years they rotted there,

That's so much for the oaths you swear,

When you don that uniform.



Excuse me Mr Boys in Blue, can you tell me is it's true,

All those things they say you do,

And the games you play?

Tell me do you feel alright, when you switch off that bedroom light,

I ask you can you sleep at night,

And does your conscience say?

I'm alright Jack! I'm alright Jack! I'm alright Jack! I'm alright Jack! I'm all right!!


Do you recall the miners strike, when you came like a bad dream in the night,

Just one side looking for a fight,

It was Nineteen eighty four.

To go on strike is not a crime, all they wanted was their mine,

But I bet you dug your overtime,

As you waged a bloody war.


I guess you know what's coming next, yes it is the fairer sex,

The ones who have to pass the test,

By sitting on your knees.

I bet that they're in little doubt, what The Job is all about,

Once you've got your truncheon out,

And they've given it a squeeze.


Now I don't want to make you curse, I know that things can't get much worse,

But now we come to the final verse,

About the humans who.

For some strange reason seem to die, when they're locked up in your pigsty

They're always black and I ask you why,

It's never down to you?


© Joe Stead  Fore Lane Music May 1997

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