I first visited Cape May, situated at the southern most part of New Jersey, in late August 1980. I have been there many, many times since. It has that affect on you. On the first evening of that first visit, 26th August, I met a young man called Danny Cohen outside a popular drinking hole known as The Ugly Mug. Danny, who had at that time just inherited his fathers fishing fleet, became a close friend. This song was written two days after our initial meeting whilst sitting on the beach. I borrowed the pencil from the deckchair assistant. It is Danny who has introduced myself and many others to the pleasures of Upside Down Margaritas. I urge you to try them. To drink one you sit on a bar stool with your back to the bar, lie backwards and, with a pillow beneath your head, open your mouth and close your throat. Friends then poor triple sec, lime and tequila into the open mouth. You then sit up, swill the contents around your mouth and swallow. There is one problem of course! You will become addicted and will eventually need help, counselling even, to drop the habit.


The Crystal Clear rolls in old Cape May,

The sun beats down upon a golden shore

Fishing smack are heading round the bay,

I'm lying on the beach, Now who needs more?


Cape May, Cape May,

I'll be back to see you one fine day,

Cape May, Cape May,

I'll be back to see you, one old sunny day.


The parties they all go on till breakfast,

You breakfast in the afternoon,

There's a lady who's driving me crazy,

But I'm so laid back she'll have to call the tune.


They build their castles on the shore,

The tides will come and wash them all away,

May children run across the sands,

As time slips by unnoticed in Cape May.


So I must say farewell,

To Board Walk, the shops along the way,

I came to have a rest to have a quiet time,

But I ain't been to bed since last Monday.


And finally there's Danny he's a toff,

I wouldn't have him any other way,

His margaritas can be rough,

When taken upside down, Goodnight Cape May.


© Joe Stead - Sweet Folk All August 1980

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