Written on Boxing Day in 1996 after everyone else had gone to bed. The true story of Eva Peron's life has certainly not been made known to the public through any films thus far released. Eva went to bed with anyone who could improve her lot. General Peron liked her boyish figure and she ousted a 13 year old lover when he took her in. Curiously he took another 13 year old lover when she was dying of cancer. Peron kept Eva elsewhere in the Palace during this period where he could not smell her. After her death her embalmed body was smuggled to Italy where it was used for necromancy.



1. You were nothing but a whore, like your mother was before,

Who dragged an existence from the dust,

Ice cold was your heart, as you acted out the part,

A simple street urchin without trust.


But like a new moon rising, you shone through Argentina,

You shone through Argentina like a star,

And where the dusty winds blow fast, across the Pampas grass,

The people all loved you from afar.


Como una luna noo-eva alzandos-e, brillast-e sobre Arhentina,

Brillast-e sobre Arhentina como una estrella,

Y dond-e los foo-ertes vi-entos, barren la hi-ebra de la Pampa,

La hente te amo en la distanci-a.



2. As the years rolled on, you fell in with Peron,

A Patagonian Indian twice your age,

A man with a wicked smile, a wretched paedophile,

He placed you within his gilded cage.


3. Extravagance of life,torn from toil and strife,

To die with cancer aged just thirty three,

As you cried out in pain and all alone again

Peron took a lover aged just thirteen.


4. And after you were dead, while Argentina bled,

They smuggled you embalmed to Italy,

And Oh so cruelly used, your body they abused,

While the picture show cried out in misery.


© Joe Stead - Fore Lane Music - December 1996

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